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Robot - Twist

Robot - Twist


The challenge is to turn the cube into a robot and then work out how to make it into a cube again.  Not as simple as it looks!

This product has a number of therapeutic benefits. Firstly it can be used to relieve the urge to fidget during periods of sensory overload or anxiety. The cubes can be moved around in different directions in a quiet and non disruptive way.

There are also cognitive benefits. How would you manipulate the cubes so that you can make a square? Or a triangle? Work out which groove you would need to use to make that shape and how you can make other shapes.

Fine motor skills are also exercised in learning how to manipulate the wooden fidget puzzle cubes into different positions. Moving the pieces along the elastic requires using the fingers to change the placement of the elastic into a different groove.

Fidgeting can be a disruptive activity if not managed positively. Using the wooden fidget puzzle cube along with other fidget toys redirects fidgeting into a constructive and potentially beneficial way by exercising fine motor, cognitive abilities in a way that promotes learning. The wooden fidget puzzle can easily be slipped into a pocket when not in use.

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