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Lawn Game - Domino

Lawn Game - Domino


Step into a world of outdoor fun with Tooky Toys Outdoor Wooden Domino Yard Game, a larger-than-life twist on the beloved classic that's bound to create lasting memories. This oversized, brightly coloured version of the traditional domino game is a perfect addition to your family gatherings and social events. Not only does this game offer hours of entertainment, but its also an excellent educational tool for kids. Use the oversized dominoes to teach numbers or create mesmerizing chain reactions with the domino effect. Watch the dominoes topple one by one in a dazzling display of coordination and skill. Crafted from smooth pine wood and painted with child-safe, non-toxic paint, this game is as safe as it is entertaining. Whether in the comfort of your home, your backyard, a park, or at a social gathering, the Outdoor Wooden Domino Yard Game promises endless laughter and bonding moments for kids and adults alike. Its a colourful, tactile adventure that transforms any outdoor space into a playground of learning and enjoyment.


Carry bag size approx.21 cm L x 10cm W x 9cm H(with handle). Each domino approx 9cm L x 4.5cm W x 1cm deep. Made from solid timber and printed with domino dots. 28 dominoes and 1 carry bag

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